Accoustic Movable Partition System – Signature 8000 series

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partition door

Crystal Option - glass

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8000 Series

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Why choose the Accoustic movable Signature 8000 series?


The Signature 8000 series has all the benefits of the 700 series but is perfect for the larger internal space. The Signature panels are built with a strong steel reinforced aluminum alloy frame that provides strength and stability as well as protection to the panel finish while panels are in motion. The unique combination of our frame and various available substrates ensures a panel that will last for years.


The Crystal option offers all the advantages of the Signature 8600 Product in a unique double glazed full height window. Crystal panels can be used in conjunction with standard solid Signature panels or as a complete moveable partition system. Offering superior acoustics with vertical interlocks and mechanical top and bottom seals they offer many opportunities to the designer including internal blinds and multiple types of glazing. All the advantages of an moveable partition with the beauty of a glass wall, Crystal single panel units are the answer to your need for a truly flexible glazed unit.

Available features for the 8000 series:


Pass doors may be incorporated in selected panels to provide fire safety, service entrance or general access to an area. Doors are sized and provided with hardware to meet Health and Safety requirements.

The Signature 8000 SERIES pass door system has a host of features and options:

  • Heavy-duty welded laser-cut steel panel and door framing systems
  • Health and Safety compliant push-pull door hardware
  • Aluminum-reinforced protective door edge trim for durability and identification
  • Face-activated bottom seals with stabilising downward force
  • Field-adjustable automatic bottom seals on door leaf
  • Complete panic bar hardware (available upgrade)
  • Concealed automatic door closer (available upgrade)
  • Inset exit sign (available upgrade)
  • Door viewer (available upgrade)
  • Door window (available upgrade)
  • Key lock on both standard or panic bar hardware (available upgrade)



The Signature 8000 series700 series aluminum track system is smooth and quiet to operate.  The track system has been tried and tested over a number of years to check its endurance, ease of movement and resistance to corrosion.


If the partition needs to be stored out of sight in a door closet or ”pocket” we can supply a matching Pocket Door. The doors are generally used when the movable partition is sealing to the face of the Pocket Door. The units are of the same construction and acoustical rating as the partition. Doors are available in single, double and bi-fold configurations and designed for your specific requirements.


The movable partitions systems can double as a work surface for added benefit.  You can choose from dry marker boards, chalkboards and tackable surfaces which are recessed into the panel for protection and design purposes.


Traditional finishes of plastic laminate, melamine and wood veneer are available in a variety of colors and textures. Vinyl, fabric and carpet options are also available.


The Signature 8000 products are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for 12 months. Aluminum track and trolleys systems are guaranteed for an extended period of time when a competitive service agreement is taken out with Daista Ltd. This would include regular health and safety checks along with maintenance of the accoustic movable partitions.


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Service and repairs

Daista Ltd offers an aftercare service to maximise the effectiveness and durability of its products.  A regular service helps ensure that the tracks remain clean and lubricated, panels realigned and acoustic performance maintained. We also provide operational training, if required.